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From: Rick & Keith, The Automation Guys, LLP

Dear Friend,

So, you're an experienced Internet marketer or just starting out.  In either case you have a lot of work to do.  You need to be an expert in product selection, marketing, copy writing, PPC advertising, article writing, and in your spare time - build your product pages and get them noticed by the world!

You need to be an expert in time management. Sound about right?

What if one, two, three, or more of these tedious tasks were no longer a factor and you could spend your time on the things that matter most?

Well, with the release of EzNicheCreator – this is now reality!

For years, large corporations have invested heavily in developing skilled specialists who can streamline business processes and automate them to reduce the cost of labor and get new products to market faster.

My partner and I are two of those skilled experts who have combined experience totaling over 40 years, successfully completing hundreds of large corporate automation projects across the globe.

We have now focused our efforts on the Internet marketing community and have released EzNicheCreator to address Your Needs!

The Facts that Nobody Tells You - Until It's Too Late!

The fact is, life move’s really fast and so do the windows of opportunity to profit from a new niche market, affiliate product, or other money making opportunity. The bottom line is that when an opportunity presents itself you have very little time to complete all the work required to launch your marketing campaign.

For those experienced in affiliate marketing you know that it’s a “Number's Game.” The more you promote, the more traffic you drive to your site quickly – the more money you’ll make!

It’s that easy – right?

The reality is you have to...

  Set Aside Your Personal Time
  Take Time Away from your Family
  Find a Profitable Niche
  Work Really Hard to Set-up your Marketing Campaign
  Learn How to Use Many Different Tools
  Learn Search Engine Optimization
  Perform Market Research on your Niche
  Find Affiliate or Wholesale Products to Sell
  Find Product Descriptions, Photographs, etc.
  Build Product Web Pages
  Write Sales Copy
  Create Squeeze Pages
  Create Sales Pages
  Write Emails to Potential Buyers
  Launch Advertising Campaigns
  Build an Email List
  Write and Submit Articles
  Outsource the Work You Cannot Perform
  Get Noticed by the World and much, much more…

See What EzNicheCreator Can Do

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Can I Really Do This? Will I Be Successful?

Anything can be accomplished given the appropriate amount of time to learn and achieve your objectives. The key to success in Internet Marketing is to find a good mentor and/or quality information that you can apply to your benefit and eventual success.

If It Was Easy We Would All Be Successful!

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably already purchased enough eBooks and tools from marketing experts to make your accountant want to vomit! Have you ever purchased one that provided you more than a few good tips that got you part of the way to your goal? If so, send it to me because I’ve never found such a great information product.

By the way, how much time does it take to read an information product and really absorb the content? How about the effort you need to put into testing the theories shared within these informational guides. Not to mention the out-of-pocket expenses you incur in PPC campaigns, buying articles, having them submitted to article directories, and all the other failed attempts that we all have while reaching for success.

How Much Do I need To Invest To Be Successful?

If you’re just starting out in Internet Marketing you may not have a lot of available funds to buy the things you need to really succeed. And if you’re an experienced marketer you probably have more projects on the drawing board than you have time to manage.

In either case, any business requires some investment and you need to be smart about what you invest in. You need to manage your business the same way you manage your personal finances.

Just to get started you need...

  A computer
  An Internet Connection
  Email Account and Software
  Web Browser
  Web Page (HTML) Editor
  Web Hosting Account
  Word Processor

But, if you really want to expand your business you'll quickly learn that there are many different tools on the market that will help you improve your business, gain competitive advantage, automate your work load, and much, much more...

  Keyword Research
  Search Engine Optimization
  Ad Tracking
  Competitor PPC Ad Spy Tools
  Way too many more to mention!

Typical Costs to Setup an Online Web Business


Web Templates (Do-it-Yourself)

Outsource Web Development


Web Hosting Account$10/month$10/month$10/month
Domain Name$10/year$10/year$10/year
Clickbank Feed Script$77 - $97$77 - $97Included
Amazon Feed Script$77 - $97$77 - $97Included
PayDotCom Feed Script$57 - $77$57 - $77Included
Web Site Design$50 - $1500 (1)$200 and Up (1)About $4/month (2)
Monthly Total (3)$33 - $158$45 and UpLess Than $15
Note: for comparison only. Not all services listed are offered.
(1) For a single site with a single page.
(2) For multiple sites with multiple pages.
(3) Averaged over a year.

A single product sale could easily cover the price of your subscription to EzNicheCreator!

So Much To Do, So Little Time - Until Now!

In order to achieve the level of success you deserve, you need to stop following all the bad advice that's floating around the Internet. The simple way to achieve success is to shorten your learning curve. You can do this by eliminating many of the so called required tools so that you can invest your time more wisely.

This step alone will help to improve your efficiency, minimize the need to develop and maintain too many technical skills, and help you create a cookie-cutter approach for managing your product campaigns.

What you need to look for is a solution that provides you...

  Process Automation
  Vendor Integration
  Point & Click Research
  Search Engine Optimized Pages

and, the ability to...

  Create New Campaigns - Fast
  Make More Money
  Do What Matters Most
  Spend more time with your family and friends
  Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor
  Any Supplier - Any Product!

What's the Solution?

Actually, there are many. You can continue running your Internet Marketing business the way you always have and never really achieve the level of success you desire because of the huge investment in time necessary to manage enough campaigns to make it worth your time. Like many, you will probably give up at some point because you're just not making any real money.

Other options include using outsource vendors to have the work done for you. Unfortunately, you will spend a lot before you make any money. Another popular option is to join a "Niche of the Week Club" where you'll receive pre-made web pages for some number of websites weekly or monthly. Unfortunately, you'll be competing with others that are marketing the exact same products as you, with the exact same pages - good luck with that!

You can also take the approach that many of us have by purchasing popular automation tools and invest the time to learn each of them, manage the upgrades, and hopefully find a way to integrate them into your marketing process.

If you're totally disgusted with all the other solutions out there then the best option is to find a way to build totally unique product pages and manage other aspects of the work load in an automated fashion. This approach provides you the best opportunity because you have total control over the products you market, and the web page content that you put out in front of potential customers. This approach makes a lot of sense and those that have the ability to rapidly respond to new products and niches will have a significant advantage over their competition.

What Will EzNicheCreator Do For You?

EzNicheCreator was developed with a very simple concept in mind - review the Internet Marketing process, identify each of the steps necessary to go from concept to a finished web site, automate the process steps through mostly point-and-click responses, and deliver a quality end-product - all from an easy to use interface.

In addition to automation, EzNicheCreator is designed to integrate with multiple vendors that specialize in delivery of affiliate products and services as well as respected eCommerce vendors. This integration provides you with immediate access to hundreds of thousands of products - all from a single solution. There's no longer a need to learn how to use many different tools.

With such a powerful solution in your hands you no longer need to worry about selecting the right niche. You can simply and quickly develop product offerings from any niche you choose and invest your time in driving traffic to your sales pages!

With EzNicheCreator you can create more high-quality pages with unique content in a very short time frame. This will present you an opportunity to make more money in a shorter period of time - again, it's a numbers game!

Just take a look at some sample pages below...

Build pages like those above and many, many more...

Major Product Features...

  Create Individual Product Pages, Product Comparisons, Mini-Sites and More
  Pages are Optimized for the Search Engines
  Create, Manage, Revise, and Copy your pages with No HTML Knowledge
  Point & Click, Fill in the Blank, Cut & Paste product page development
  Copy & Paste the HTML code to your Blog too!
  Video Tutorials with Simple Step-by-Step instructions - Page Creation to Web Site Upload
  Access to Numerous Vendor Data Feeds - 100's of thousands products to choose from
  Data feeds are automatically updated daily - Clickbank, Amazon & PayDotCom
  Ability to Customize Appearance of your Product Pages - create many combinations
  No Database Required - No Scripts to Install - No Installations Required
  Preview, Select, and Re-Size graphic images from Affiliate product sales pages
  Generate clean deployable HTML pages bundled with any images you select
  Add Meta Tags Such as Titles, Keywords, Descriptions, etc.
  Add Your Own Images - Headers, Footers, Product & Other Photographs
  Add Links to Your Graphics
  Add Video & Audio to Your Pages
  Add Adsense Display Ads, Affiliate Banners, etc.
  Store your Favorite Tools for Re-use
  Preview your Pages
  Add any Graphic to Rate a Product such as Stars, Check Marks, X's, Circles, etc.
  History Tracking of your Previous Product Pages
  Create Any Type of Content Page you Want
  EzNicheCreator is not Restricted to Internet Marketing - Create Any Type of Site You Want!
  And many more...

Planned Features and Enhancements...

  Additional Functionality that'll Further Simplify Your Efforts
  Access to Many additional affiliate vendor data feeds
  Moderated forum to address questions, share ideas, provide recommendations for enhancements
  Additional Bonuses...

Can I Create More Than Individual Product Pages?

Absolutely! Not only can you create Web sites easily - you can select products from our integrated vendor data feeds, add any content you want (text, graphics, videos, voice, pictures, etc.), select appearance options, and create totally unique Web sites. You can also add multiple streams of income to your pages such as Adsense, Affiliate Ads, Banner Ads, Paid Advertising, or anything else you want. EzNicheCreator can be used to create individual product pages, product comparison pages, mini-sites, and more complex sites with minimal effort!

In fact, we developed this solution based on our own needs. As a result, our first prototype that offered only 10% of the functionality and automation included in EzNicheCreator was used to build a large eCommerce style web site that contains a mixture of products from Clickbank, Amazon, PayDotCom, and eBay. Using our automation we created the initial site and a large number of product comparison pages in the span of two weekends.

Since the initial creation we have not added additional pages to the site and we never created PPC campaigns to drive traffic to the site. Our only method of getting traffic was initial search engine submissions, on-page search engine optimization, we wrote and posted one article and one free press release, and we used some social bookmarking.

Each month the number of unique and total visitors to the site continues to increase and we are making sales.

You can learn more about our test site in the below video.

Potential Uses for EzNicheCreator

The Page Format Used in this Demo was a Test - You Can Create Any Format You Choose!

Stop the Pain - You Need EzNicheCreator!

EzNicheCreator provides Internet Marketers the ability to roll out campaigns incredibly fast, saving time and money, and quickly leverage previous campaigns to perform tasks such as split-testing sales copy or creating an entirely new campaign without all the re-work.

Whether you're new to Internet Marketing or a seasoned Affiliate Marketer you will benefit from using EzNicheCreator.

EzNicheCreator is very easy to use and requires no HTML or PHP programming. It has a very simple interface that leads you step-by-step through the process of creating Affiliate and eCommerce product pages.

The real money is in marketing your products successfully, not in creating web pages. Use EzNicheCreator to automate Your Processes. Just think of all the time you'll have to grow your business and spend more time with your family and friends - without compromising your profits.

EzNicheCreator provides you...

  Easy to Build Point & Click Web Pages Design
  Ability to Create a Totally Unique Product Page In Minutes
  Built-in Affiliate Data Feed Support
  No Software to Install or Manage - You'll Always use Latest Version
  Designed to Run on Any Web Browser
  Designed for People who Sell Products - By People who Sell Products
  Useful for New and Experienced Internet Marketers
  Extremely Flexible - You're Only Limited By Your Creativity
  Training Videos
  Other User Tutorials - Coming Soon!
  Member Bonus Area
  Member Resource Area
  User Forum - Coming Soon!
  Only One Tool to Learn!
  Saves Time - So You Can Focus on What Matters Most
  Ability to Earn Money by Marketing EzNicheCreator.com!

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"Affiliate Marketing Automation on Steroids,
You'll Never Go Back to the Old Way!"

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Order Now and Get these Great Bonuses!


We've made arrangements to give you twelve specialty reports that can be downloaded from your member home page.  These reports cover a wide range of topics to help you learn how to grow your business. These reports were written by experts who have been there. And best of all, you will receive Master "Give-Away" Rights for each of these free reports.

You will be able to use them to learn new tips, tricks, and marketing methods - you can even give them away to potential clients and begin growing your email marketing list!

Topics include:

404 Error Code Secrets

How to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers

Affiliate Marketers Handbook

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Big Affiliate Marketing Pay Days

Cashing In With Private Label Rights

Easy Clickbank Cash

How to Bookmark for Free Traffic

Internet Marketing Success Formula

List Building for Beginners

Successful Affiliate Strategies

Web 2.0 The Latest Affiliate Wave

Oh, one other thing, it's important...

"We Want You To Be Happy...Here's Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

We  have this rule around here, we don't want any unhappy customers. So here's our personal guarantee to you. Try out "EzNicheCreator" , if it doesn't work to your satisfaction or if you're not thrilled with your membership for any reason whatsoever, simply let us know within 60 days, and you'll get your money back with no hassles, and no hard feelings.

Please Note: This Offer Is Limited

We reserve the right to increase the price and reduce or eliminate the bonuses we have included for you today, so if you don't buy now and you come back later, you may find the price has gone up, you may not get all the bonuses you want, or you may not be able to buy "EzNicheCreator" at all.

Click Here To Confirm Your Membership - Today!

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Rick & Keith! I Need This Solution To Create and Mange my Affiliate and Niche product campaigns Now!

Count me in! I'm ready to begin using EzNicheCreator to generate massive amounts of profitable affiliate and niche content for my web sites right now! I understand that EzNicheCreator was designed to work on any computer system with an Internet browser and connection to the internet. And that I don't need to install anything to begin using EzNicheCreator right away.

I understand that by ordering today, I pay only $47 annually for unlimited usage.  I also understand I will be entitled to all future updates, bug fixes, and patches.  I also get unlimited customer support.

After my order is confirmed, I'll be sent the login information for my account immediately via email. I also Understand that my on-line transaction is 100% Secure.

I understand that you accept all major credit cards and PayPal through your secure order site. I also understand that I'll get immediate access to the easy to follow video tutorials and bonuses from my member site.

To Get Started Right Away
Simply Click on the Order Button Below!

Click Here to Order Now

For Only $47 annually (about $4 a month)
Less than a modest lunch, a coffee and bagel, a gallon of gas, ...


You'll Receive Instant Login Instructions
Immediately After Purchase
Even If It's 2:00 am In the Morning.


Order today to lock in this great price! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Get instant access and take EzNicheCreator for a test drive for the next 60-Day's.

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We're excited to bring this solution to you, and know you'll be delighted with your purchase today.


Rick & Keith (a.k.a. The Automation Guys)

P.S. - If you've ever considered trying to develop a software solution that will do everything "EzNicheCreator" does then you already know it will cost you lots of time, money and frustration to get a polished package like "EzNicheCreator." The great news is we've done all that work for you, all you need to do it use it and take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. You get a complete turn-key system, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you can get started today, click here to order now.

P.P.S. - Are you wasting precious time and money trying to figure out what products people are ready and willing to buy? Stop doing it the hard way, and work smarter! Use "EzNicheCreator" to find niche products and other opportunities to profit from. Sign up for your own "EzNicheCreator" account and see what it's like to finally have the automation you need to find out what people want to buy and put your offer in front of them quickly with your own high-quality unique web pages, and more. Save yourself all of the confusion, hard work, exhaustive hours learning new tools, and money. Stop buying all those useless products that pile up on your desk and don't put money in your pocket!

P.P.P.S. - Got more questions? Send them to: info@eznichecreator.com

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